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Human Development of Scientific Knowledge

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May 31, 2014


Kim Brown (

The unifying concept for the “Human Development of Scientific Knowledge” cluster is education concerning and development of scientific knowledge. The goal of the cluster is for students to learn how scientific knowledge is acquired both through teaching practices and psychological functioning/processes. This goal is achieved as students explore the complexity and variety of avenues for scientific knowledge development and how various disciplines contribute to this. Students will learn about the initial attainment of the human capacity for obtaining scientific knowledge from the developmental stages of human learning and growth. Students will also come to understand the various issues and effective teaching methods associated with helping children and adolescents develop scientific knowledge in an educational setting. Students will develop an understanding of the science content knowledge all children and adolescents must obtain in order to successfully develop as science-minded people. The diversity of human understanding of scientific knowledge is explored within a natural and social science framework in this cluster.

ILSN Courses

  • ASTR 105 Astronomy
    Please note: ASTR 105 cannot also be used for the lab science requirement.
  • BIOL 107 Principles of Biological Evolution
  • BIOL 123 Principles of Biology
    Please note: BIOL 123 cannot also be used as part of the lab science requirement.

ILSS Courses

  • ANTH 325 Culture and Mind
  • EDUC 210 Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, K-12
  • EDUC 322 Teaching Science, K-6
  • EDUC 382 Methods/Management in the Teaching of Science, 6-12
  • PSYC 100 Introductory Psychology (or PSYC 101 or 102)
  • PSYC 319 Educational Psychology

ILSA Courses

  • ARTS 310 The Art in Science and the Science in Art (Ruppert)