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Food for Thought

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May 31, 2016


Sally Wasileski (

Food for Thought focuses on developing the student as an informed consumer of food by providing a platform for discussion of what we eat, why we eat, where our food comes from and its journey from production to consumption, and how food affects our bodies and health. Natural science courses will explore the physical, chemical and biological aspects of food during storage, preparation and consumption, how it gives our bodies energy and how it affects health. Social science courses will explore the economic, social, cultural, and political issues of food production, distribution, preparation, and consumption as swell as relationships between food and disease. By exploring these aspects of food through several semesters of their undergraduate career, students will develop broad and interdisciplinary insight on a key resource for humans.

ILSN Courses

  • BIOL 110 Plants and Humans
  • BIOL 335 Flowering Plant Systematics 
  • CHEM 109 The Food of Chemistry (formerly CHEM 174)
      Please note: CHEM 109 cannot also be used for the lab science requirement.
  • CHEM 173 Biochemistry for Life (Fenna)

ILSS Courses

  • ECON 242 Economics of Food (Mathews)  (formerly 273)
  • HWP 225 Nutrition and Lifestyle 
  • HWP 333 Food Politics and Nutrition Policy
  • HWP 455 Pathophysiology of Chronic Conditions and Illnesses (formerly HWP 325) 
  • SOC 280 Sociology of Gender (Peterson)

Additional Cluster Courses

  • SPAN 120 Elementary Spanish II (Bailey)